6 production sites
7 sales and marketing offices worldwide
47 years of history
800+ employees
900+ active customers worldwide
Our history is steeped in business acumen, the courage to invest and enact initiatives to innovate in the ever-changing industry of print media. We are a benchmark for product and service quality, technological updating and a focus on the principles of sustainability.
Our success stems from our vision, experience and the passion for an age-old art which is essential for perpetuating knowledge and beauty.
Rotolito’s success is closely tied to the entrepreneurial spirit and talent of Paolo Bandecchi, our founder and current President.

Our history

It all started with the legendary Diabolik comic series

Our business developed rapidly over time to become a benchmark for the printing industry, thanks above all to the mutual trust of prestigious Italian and international clients.

Simone, Federico and Emanuele Bandecchi, Paolo’s three sons, have also played a key role in his success and that of Rotolito.

We are a family of skilled and visionary managers, backed by an efficient and highly effective organisation that is well aware that its role depends on people and the planet and on implementing the B Corp principles which we have embraced.

The Bandecchi family
Paolo Bandecchi
President of Rotolito Group
Simone Bandecchi
Vice president and CEO of Rotolito Group
Federico Bandecchi
CFO Rotolito Group
Emanuele Bandecchi
Marketing Director
Rotolito Rotolito
The vision builds what the dream can only imagine.


Our raw material is FSC and PEFC certified paper taken from renewable sources and responsibly managed forest, in keeping with our aim of producing and sustaining the beauty, knowledge and sensory emotions aroused by leafing through a printed book. We achieve this with the most advanced - often digital - technologies: because our mission is to save the good and the beautiful without distinguishing between past and future.

Vision box

To defend the sustainable value of material printed on paper so that it continues to educate, inform and thrill both the young and old. Now and always.

Mission box

We work towards offering the best solutions and services every day around the world for printed material on paper without harming the planet, people and the prosperity of each and every one of us. We invest in the research and development of the most advanced technologies for the sustainable and cultural progress of human capital and the environment.

We are committed to defending natural forests and restoring the important role of paper.
Interdependence and the future

We are well aware that we are a part of a much bigger picture and conscious of the connection with the whole, and with all our stakeholders and the local area. This is why we constantly strive to be a benchmark in our market, thanks to our work that is open to innovation but respectful of age-old values, operating in the present but, above all, looking to the future.

Business and progress

There is no more transformative force than business. We can testify to this in over almost half a century of history; the world has changed and now more than ever, we need to guide this transformation, improve the world and the society that surrounds us.

Ethics and competence

Ethics and competence are the pillars of our work, with full respect for our workers and their right to a healthy and safe working environment, for our partners who continue to choose us for our professionalism, and for the community in which we operate.

Values and principles
  • Generating passion for quality
  • Investing in innovation and training
  • Promoting and defending diversity and inclusion
  • Practising work ethics and mutual respect
  • Spreading beauty and awareness
  • Treating our customers and suppliers like partners
Expertise and loyalty

We are proud of our origins and the expertise that has led us to be chosen by prestigious and international customers all around the world. Our expertise is sustained by the reliability of our advice, attention to detail, efficiency of service and, above all, the triangulation of loyalty generated between us, our customers and our suppliers.

«I prefer paper, ink that almost feels like embossing to the touch, and the slight imperfection of images that accentuates their charm»
(Giorgio Armani)

Excellence on a global scale

In addition to the 6 production facilities, we also have 7 sales sites around the world to meet requests, different markets and to cement relations with customers worldwide, whilst complying with the designated timeframes, costs and positive social and environmental impacts.

New York
Los Angeles
Via Sondrio, 3 - 20096 Pioltello (MI), Italia
Via Brescia, 53/65 - 20063 Cernusco S/N (MI), Italia
Via San Fermo, 30/32 - 24042 Capriate S. Gervasio (BG), Italia
Nava Press
Via Ernesto Breda, 98 - 20126 Milano (MI), Italia
Via Cherso, 2 - 21100 Varese (VA), Italia
Șoseaua Cernica 61, 077145 Pantelimon Ilfov, Romania
Nava Press Suisse
1 Rue des Granges 1204 Genève, Suisse
17 rue d’Orléans, 92210 Saint-Cloud, France
Nava New York Corp.
61 Greenpoint Avenue 6th Floor, Suite 612 11222 Brooklyn, New York, NY
Los Angeles Branch
475 Washington Boulevard, Suite 15 90292 Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, CA
Rotolito Group

Our brands

Nava Press

For over 100 years, Nava Press has been the go-to company for printed material and special projects in the fashion, architecture, art, beauty, luxury, jewellery and high-end automotive sectors. Nava Press was taken over by the Rotolito Group in 2014, which, however, had the foresight to safeguard its century-old history and positioning, becoming the Group’s flagship company, embodying its vision and values.

Rotolito Romania

Since 2020, the Romanian industrial hub of the Rotolito Group has employed a staff of 250 workers specialised in the printing and binding of hardback illustrated books. Rotolito Romania has always been a reference point for many European publishing houses and continues on its successful path, counting on a steady production capacity founded on the expertise required and acquired in this particular market segment.

Arti Grafiche & Diaries

In 2019, Rotolito acquired a minority shareholding in Artigrafiche&Diaries of Pognano (BG), adding a production and sales facility with a surface area of 14,000 sqm, and new printing and packaging systems which allow the company to produce over 10 million items annually. The product portfolio is made up of notebooks, sales material, books, calendars, school diaries, and planners for banks, publishing houses, companies and specialised resellers.

«It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.»
(Charles Darwin)